This case study illustrates how to analyse and increase profit for a trades business.

Building Business Profit Increase

Many building businesses struggle to make profits because the owner is stuck on the tools and charges low hourly rates. These businesses often don't charge a premium for project management, over-estimate the productive time of staff and don't factor overhead costs into what is required to be charged for staff. This case study looks at these factors and how working on them can result in significantly higher profits along with the potential for the owner to spend less time working on the tools.

Profit First Setup for Start Up Membership Based Business

Many business owners want to set up Profit First but are unsure how to because they are just starting their business and have revenue that is difficult to forecast. This video shows how the calculations can be done so that cashflow can be managed, profit put aside and tax taken care of.

Profit increase and financial model for gym business

Gym owners often break even but could do better. This video shows the financial impact of an increase in membership numbers for a gym in Melbourne.

How to create a budget that helps understand your business and what you need to do to increase profit in six easy steps

Many business owners are unsure how to put together a budget that will help increase profit and provide financial clarity and direction. This video shows you how to do this in six easy steps, so that you can start making changes and increasing profit straight away.

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