Are you running a hospitality business?

Do you know the profit of every menu item?

Are you possibly selling items that are making you nothing?

If yes, you need to use the menu-profit calculator

  • Ensure profitability
  • Factor in changing ingredient costs
  • Have the calculations done for you
  • Make sure every menu change works for you

The menu profit calculator will help make sure your business is always profitable

Costing your menu can take a lot of time and effort

There’s a lot involved and it’s a lot easier to get an expert to do it quickly and easily.

  • We are qualified to help.
  • We have assisted many business just like yours.
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The Solution:

An outsourced menu profit calculation service

How does it work?

We go through every item on your menu

  • We calculate the amount of ingredients used for each item
  • We calculate the cost of each item
  • We summarise the profit of each item
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What makes our Menu Profit Service different?

We do all the calculations for you

  • We obtain all the information
  • We do all the calculations and provide you with the results
  • We discuss all the calculations with you
  • We can easily update calculations for changes in the prices of produce and recipes

How it works – Getting Started!

Review your menu

We obtain the necessary information to get started

Calculate the Profit

The profit of each menu item is calculated and shared with you

Update regularly

We update the calculations each month, season or change of menu

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Let's get started

Make sure every item you sell will generate a healthy profit

How much extra profit would you make if every menu item was costed to ensure profitability

How much less stress would you experience if you had this information on hand?

Plus, you’ll get these bonuses:

  • A free audit of your existing financial management processes, with a documented plan of how to fix any problems, and
  • A free detailed review of your xero file, outlining issues and errors and implementing changes and corrections.
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Menu Profit Calculations

  • Ensure profitability
  • Make every change work for you
  • Improved profits
  • More cash in the bank
  • + Our Bonus Offers