Are you a business owner or entrepreneur who experiences high levels of financial stress and anxiety? If so, you are not alone.

Finding someone to help is difficult because a psychologist is typically not going to understand your business and what you need to do to solve financial problems, whilst your accountant will not necessarily help with solving financial problems as you most likely talk only a few times a year about taxes.
Running a business is hard enough, whilst coping with excessive stress and anxiety makes things even harder. Business shouldn’t be this way and changing this around can often be easier than you think.

Our FREE Guide is based on the work I’ve done as a Chartered Accountant and advisor with many business owners and a specific process. The results have been greatly reduced stress and anxiety and far greater clarity and direction.

What's in the Guide?

The process involves three clear steps:

  1. Understand and realise your business’s profit potential
  2. Use the ‘Profit First’ cashflow management method and conduct 30 minute finance reviews each week
  3. Create a sales funnel using a story based framework, so that you attract customers and generates sales.

The End Result... Doing all this will help you to:

  • know what actions to take straight away to reduce financial stress and anxiety,
  • build a profitable, thriving business, and
  • increase financial clarity, direction and confidence.

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